Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Boo Boo's

I have a question..... How can your sinus' be clogged and stuffy and your nose run like a faucet at the same time? I can't breath through my nose but it runs like it's wide open. I love the country but one of the downfalls is lots of pollen!!! Ugh I feel like poo. Okay enough whining. It's not going to make me feel better. Well maybe a little.
This post is about my Boo Boo's and I don't mean bumps and bruises. I'm talking about my grandsons. Don't ask how they got that name. I don't know. It just sort of happened . Anyway I have the opportunity to see the boys once or twice a week. My co-Grandma is Jason's Mom, Susan a.k.a Mamaw. Susan and I actually share in caring for the boy's every week. It works out perfectly for everyone involved. Mindy and Jason don't have the expense of daycare and they have the security of knowing their children are being well cared for by two people who love them. Susan and I get to see our boy's just enough. Meaning it doesn't feel like a full time job, or something we have to do. We GET TO, and the boy's know who their Memaw ( that's me) and Mamaw are.
Introducing Landon on the left and Brantley.    

They're obviously not identical. One is bigger than the other. One is more active than the other. One minds the rules better than the other. One talks more than the other. The list goes on. They are truly individual little people.
Brantley ( Bud)

Landon ( LJ )

I'm one proud Memaw. Can you tell? Being a Grandparent is the best. I get to enjoy them without having to raise them. It's the bomb.

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