Monday, August 26, 2013

Housewives Rock

I dedicate this post to my Mom and Daughter.

When I was a young girl trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up I thought I wanted to be a veterinarian. I wasn't sure. But I did know for sure that a wanted to get married one day and have 3 kids. Two boys and one girl. I wanted the boys first and the girl last so they could take care of their little sister. That was my plan. I grew up in a home where my Mom was a housewife and my Father the bread winner. That was the norm back then and it was totally acceptable. As it worked out I didn't get to attend college and I became a mother and housewife at a young age. It didn't take me long to figure out that my friends where going to college and planning their careers. I was looked down upon because I wasn't working outside the  home and I didn't have a college degree. Being a housewife was no longer cool. I felt ashamed. I felt like a lazy loser. Even though I was good at being a homemaker and Mother ( I give all the credit to my Mom) it was no longer acceptable.
My Mom and me. I was the 6th child. Look how put together she is. She had it going on in 1964. Nine years later she had her 7th child.

 I tried to avoid my career driven friends. I went as far as pushing my own daughter to have a career first. Which isn't a bad thing but I insinuated being a housewife was bad.  At 5 years old I remember telling her,"You don't need a man to take care of you." I began to look down on my own Mom. Why didn't she push me to have a career when I was growing up? I was mad at her. Years went by, my children grew ( by the way I did have 2 boys, Nicholas and Tyler and 1 girl, Mindy, except Mindy came first) and I continued to do what I did best. When my youngest, Tyler was 9 years old I chose to go to school and become an EMT. It was a short career due to an injury ( eight years). It was gratifying to care for people who were sick or injured. I learned a lot about life and myself. After my injury I had no choice but to stay home and become that dreaded housewife again. Yuk! I still hadn't learned that being a housewife was one of the hardest and most rewarding careers a person could ever have the privilege of doing. Mindy grew up and married my favorite son-n-law Jason. They both worked. It was the norm.
Mindy and Jason on their wedding day. He was so handsome and she looked like a princess.
 Eight loooong years later Mindy and Jason gave me, not one but two precious grandsons. A few months after the twins were born Mindy went back to work. She quickly realized the challenges of being a working Mom. She shared her feelings of how she used to look down upon me for not having a career. Her own Mom. I could not be upset with her. I did that to her and myself. Now that Mindy is a Mom her feelings have changed about me and my chosen profession. My daughter shared with me how she wished she could be a stay at home Mom and housewife. Suddenly I felt important and appreciated. She would love to stay home with her children. Right now Mindy doesn't have that option. She has adjusted to juggling a career and caring for her family. I applaud her. She is one tough cookie! This is when it finally hit me. It took my daughter to help me see the light. I love her dearly.
Mindy was preggers in this photo. She's glowing. So pretty.
I am finally proud to say that I stay home and take care of my family. I am the glue that held us together then and holds us all together now . I thank God everyday for the wonderful opportunity to have such a rewarding career. So, for all you stay at home Moms and housewives out there......YOU ROCK!!!

I receive daily devotionals from this awesome website "Proverbs 31 Ministries" . It spoke volumes to me this morning about my above post. Check it out.

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